iPad Risk Books

Risk models only have value if they are used effectively in combination with limit management and control process. While a conventional view of the control function is that it requires and relies on reports, the key is not generation of quantitative numbers, formatted in ten different cuts; it is the interpretation and application of the analysis behind reports that matters.

The objective of a risk function is to not just gather data, run reports, submit and analyze them; it is to ensure that unpleasant surprises and their impact is limited. While you can’t control the timing and magnitude of such surprises, a well managed and well run risk function can help manage expectations as well as plan ahead for unexpected shocks.

Limits play a major role in achieving that objective. But educated users, managers and board members are the ones who really make it work.

A first effort of its kind in the world of Risk and Treasury management, our iBooks combine the best of instructional design and hands on risk training with the power of learning on iPad. Each themed title in the series includes training materials, video lessons, self assessment quizzes, case studies and test banks.