Understanding Asset Liability Management

"Understanding Asset Liability Management – ALM Measurement Tools" is now available for sale on the iTunes Store! Based on our most popular training course, the book combines the best of instructional design & practical hands on content with the power of the iPad learning platform. Study materials are summarized keeping in view the time constraints that executive teams face. Videos walk through the context and the frameworks, while the text provides simple examples that illustrate the concept.Easily downloadable to your device it brings high quality content with video lessons and self assessment quizzes in one neat and affordable package.

Designed for the iPad using Apple's iBooks Author, "Understanding Asset Liability Management" provides a unique learning experience with instructor led video sessions that walkthrough and interpret ALM tools and reports. Ideal as a reference tool that you can easily refer to on your commute to work, on your flight or your train ride to your next bank's board meeting. Interactive review sections measure your progress and understanding of the course materials.

Text example

Figure 1 Text example

  • Methodologies for Price Sensitive & Rate Sensitive Gap Reports, Net Interest Income, Market Value of Equity at Risk, Earnings at Risk, Cost to Close, Duration Gap analysis.
  • Real-world applications of duration & cash flow matching.
  • Liquidity ratios & management framework.

Video and Self assessment

Figure 2 Video lessons and self assessment

  • 5 instructor-led videos that walk through steps for building an ALM model, definitions, ALM Framework, risk measurement reports, and applications.
  • 6 review sessions to test the reader’s understanding.