About FourQuants & FinanceTrainingCourse

Corporate e-learning and online training sites created for institutional and retail customers. FourQuants.com caters primarily to our banking customers in the Middle East and Far East while FinanceTrainingCourse.com focuses more on retail and individual customers interested in a detailed walk through across our inventory of 40+ courses and 500+ posts before they purchase them. The portfolio of sites together attracts high quality traffic from 7,000 cities and 190 territories in the world with regular visitors spending as much as an hour on the site per visit.


Founded in 2003, Alchemy has grown to be one of the finest Enterprise risk and Actuarial firms in the region with a portfolio of several blue chip customers.

Alchemy's product offerings include Risk Management and Treasury Management solutions, Obligor and Facility Risk Rating platforms, PD Calculators, custom financial model development and audits, interactive workshops, risk and actuarial advisory, Basel II compliant risk solutions for banks, insurance companies and portfolio managers.

Alchemy now has two joint ventures in place with partners in Thailand and Singapore and to date has run engagements in Karachi, Lahore, Dubai, Riyadh, Bangkok and Singapore.