Calculating Value at RiskCalculating Value at Risk

Some say it is basic statistics. Other’s are in awe of it. For groups outside of risk management and treasury, it is simply an alien notation. Value at Risk or VaR for short is all that and more for anyone that deals with market, credit or operations risk.

Our “Calculating Value at Risk” iBook helps you decode the puzzle with 40 pages of training notes, 73 minutes of videos and 5 self assessment sessions.

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Calculating Value at RiskUnderstanding Asset Liability Management

Asset Liability Management (ALM) is the primary source of directors’ and senior executives’ grief at bank board meetings. The reporting is standard, the numbers concise but the terminology (despite many years of usage) is still exotic and confusing.

Our “Understanding Asset Liability Management” iBook deciphers the numbers with 55 pages of notes, 74 minutes of videos and 6 self assessment sessions.

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Calculating Value at RiskMonte Carlo Simulation

Monte Carlo Simulation is a numerical method that is used in a wide range of applications. Our “Monte Carlo Simulation” iBook will help you build simulation models and apply them for option pricing & risk management purposes.

 The book includes 130 + pages of training notes, 7 instructor led videos and 5 self assessment review quizzes.

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ALM & VAR Test BankALM and Value at Risk Test Bank

It is not just sufficient to learn a new subject. It is important to have a means whereby you can test your understanding and knowledge and see how it may be applied in practical situations. This holds true for finance/risk topics such as ALM and VaR as well.

Our “ALM and Value at Risk Test Bank” iBook helps you grasp risk concepts with 2 topic based quizzes, 3 case study based tests, detailed answers & explanations.

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Calculating Value at RiskReboot

Have you ever wondered about what it’s like to fail as a founder? Could failure be the best thing that ever happened to you?

“Reboot” is Jawwad Ahmed Farid’s story of startup failure – an adventure spanning ten years, starting in New York and finishing in Karachi with transit stops in Southern California, Northern Virginia, Dubai, Thailand & Singapore.

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