iPad Risk Books was created by a team of risk professionals with the objective of helping people learn, understand and apply financial concepts. The content has been sourced directly from our risk consulting practice focusing on:

  • Risk management
  • Derivatives products
  • Option pricing models
  • Basel and capital adequacy regulation
  • Financial modeling
  • Treasury products and risk

Courses are written from a practitioner’s point-of-view, providing bite-sized concepts and topics with detailed application-oriented cases.

While there is a lot of noise around risk, treasury and compliance the truth is that there are very few practical resources you could use to figure out how this stuff actually works. It doesn’t matter if you are treasurer, a board member, a CxO, an experienced hand or a management trainee. At some level they all have (different) questions that need to be answered.

We provide these answers in such a fashion that they can put them to work, at work, almost immediately. We are practical not academic, hands on not bookish, primarily because the models we teach customers to build are the same models we use at work every day.

If you have questions, queries or comments drop us a note at jawwad@alchemya.com.