“Reboot”, Jawwad Ahmed Farid’s story on his experience with startup failure, is now available for sale on the iTunes store!

The book takes you through Jawwad’s ten year adventure starting in New York and finishing in Karachi with transit stops in Southern California, Northern Virginia, Dubai, Thailand & Singapore. It grew out of his work as a mentor and judge for the P@SHA Social Innovation Fund, the Asia Pacific ICT Awards and as an Entrepreneurship & Risk Management Professor at the SP Jain School of Management in Dubai & Singapore.

Designed for the iPad using Apple’s iBooks Author and easily downloadable to your device, “Reboot” provides a unique reading experience for those interested undertaking new ventures, overcoming failures & succeeding.


Figure 1 Takeaways & Sidebars

  • Lessons learned and insights obtained.
  • Problems & situations to avoid.
  • Useful tips & information.
  • Recommendations & suggestions.


Figure 2 - Book One – Avicena - The start Up Failure case study, a presentation through emails

  • The chain of events of Avicena’s start up history and subsequent failure is recounted in a series of emails between Jawwad & other participants.
  • A unique read of Jawwad’s first encounter with online education, bootstrapped in New York, incubated in Orange County, dead on arrival in Leesburg, Virginia.


Figure 3 - Book Two – The Blue Screen of Death – Lessons from failure

  • Critical problems behind Avicena’s failure and lessons learned.
  • Growth and success of Jawwad’s next venture, Alchemy.
  • A framework for identifying critical points in a business’ life cycle and avoiding or handling potential failure.


Figure 4 - Book Three – Pitching for Startups – Videos lessons & pitching case studies

  • Interactive videos on how to pitch like a pro.
  • Steps on how to win Business Plan competitions.
  • Focus on understanding the customer.