iPhone / iPad application trying to teach computational finance to the world

iPad App

The FourQuants application allows customers to download and view free sample videos related to the field of computational finance, capital adequacy and risk management. The videos are aimed at practitioners, bankers and regulators. The application also allows you to purchase video and PDF content on various topics such as pricing, valuation, interest rate modeling and risk management. You may access 6 full length video lectures and another 40 samples.

  • Financial Modeling – Complete Lesson
  • Pitching for Start-ups – Complete Series
  • Calculating Value at Risk – Samplers
  • Asset Liability Management – Samplers
  • Cross Selling Treasury Products – Samplers
  • Selling Derivative Products – Samplers
  • Stress Testing – Samplers
  • Understanding N(d1) & N(d2) – Samplers
  • Option Pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation – Samplers
  • Option Pricing using Binomial Trees – Samplers
  • Quant Crash Course – Samplers
  • Setting Limits – Sampler